Insta Square Size updated with Cool New Stickers and Emoticons

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Insta Square Size offers you a unique no crop feature to post your entire photos on Instagram directly. It doesn’t require any cropping and resizing of image for posting online.


Insta Square Size is a unique photo editor with a variety of tools for cropping, re-sizing and creating magical frames. It’s a very light and portable application for all types of windows devices. Insta Square supports universal windows application for instant point and capture features and also for user friendly interface. This application is updated very regularly, so even if you find any lacks in the app, it could be fixed at any moment.

New features of the app:

  • New Inside Zoom feature for making dynamic square images.
  • Multiple Background options and cool new text designs to choose from.
  • Image Cropping with different ratios.
  • Effective blur feature on foreground as well as background.
  • Several filters and FX effects for creating memorable images.
  • Instant Sharing on social media.
  • Easy to use live cam functions.

How To Use On PC:

  1. Right click for zoom in and zoom out function inside the image.
  2. Easy scrolling between the image patterns.
  3. Edit images with a single click for adding stickers and custom texts.

This cool new app supports all windows devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and Xbox consoles. However, there are still basic photo editing things like filters, controls, and adjustments along with some unusual features like funny emoticons and stickers for making your photos look funkier than ever.

Windows 8.1 UI For Mobile App:

New Windows 10 UI For Pc & Tablets:

It’s a solid free app and a must have application for photo addicts. All your photos can be easily shared across the most popular social media apps too.

The app features an excellent design program for editing photos with filters and decorations. You can quickly and easily add overlays to your images and get creative with effects and different photo styles.

If you want to retain the quality of a high- resolution photo, this is the best photo editing app so far. Images can be saved in full resolution thus retaining the quality of the photo.

Insta Square Size Collage

  • Get it on Windows 10
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Make your photos even more extraordinary and fascinating like never before using Insta Square Size Collage. Insta square size collage is one of the best collage making application which has impressed millions of its users with its features and functionality. Integrated with touch gestures for editing and transforming your images into stunning photo collages.


Capturing your best moments in a single frame is never been so easy and its more simplified by the Insta square size collage. Organize and customize your images in whichever design you want using our most lovable and powerful collage maker.

Features of this app:

  • Live point and shoot camera for making more realistic images
  • Multiple filters and Photo overlay options to choose from
  • Funky stickers and cool text designs
  • Share your photo easily on social media even on the go
  • Collection of various background patterns and colors to choose from
  • Elegant design and easy to use features
  • Portable and light application
  • Various grid designs and patterns for up to 5 images at a time
  • Integrated new adjustable blur effect tool
  • Collage effects on the frame with this application
  • Tap and hold image for expanding controls interface
  • Apply background and foreground filters in your image
  • Customizable collage grids
  • Create square blur effect directly using cool toolbar
  • Updated with sparkling set of filters for your images

App offers you a complete solution for all your worries by creating beautiful and impressive collages of your friends and folks. Introducing new friendly UI and Easy to use options featuring simple touches for creating perfect images which are unforgettable.


With this wonderful app, you can capture all the fun, craziness and happy moments of your family and friends for a lifetime. Supports universal windows platform for delivering optimum responsiveness and stable performance on your touch device such as smartphones, pcs and laptops. Stay Updated on social media platforms using our trendy application on your windows device.