Wall Graffiti

Transform photos to wall graffiti in seconds, it is specially designed for graffiti lovers. It gives you the experience of making graffiti on the wall in actual.

You can also paste exclusive stickers and texts to make it more attractive by using graffiti type font styles.

Wall Graffiti

Lumia effects are available to provide more than 20 effects on graffiti. Stickers and texts can be zoom in/out, rotate,scale, translate position, and deleted.

This app will
– convert your picture/selfie to wall graffiti
– Save photo to library;
– Share with friends and family;
– Share to Facebook.

* 35 different graffiti options
* 20+ Lumia effects
* Option to add upto 15 exclusive wall stickers
* Option to add one or more custom texts with graffiti type of font styles
* Tool option to rotate and flip
* Filter option to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, light, color and blurness
* Save option to save graffiti as jpeg file
* Hit share button to share among a number of people

Without any time and internet, change your photo to a creative art painted on wall…it is a great fun!

Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers Insta

Latest ‘Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers’ app helps you to click the ideal photo with ample of stickers, customized text, insta square size movable image, and blurred image background.

Snappy Photo Filters & Stickers Insta

Start with selecting/clicking picture, apply transformation on image to make background blurred image visible, select stickers categorized with 19 distinct categories, add text by choosing font color & font style, also zoom, rotate, scale the stickers and texts added on image.

Following are the attributes:-

1. Gallery/Camera option – Pick a image from gallery/pictures or click an instant photo (front/back camera)
2. Zoom in/out and move image by pinching/right click  on image
3. Add Stickers – 300+ stickers categorized in 19 distinct categories. Zoom, rotate and translate over image.
4. Add Text – Customized text, 44000+ font color options and 10+font styles. Zoom, rotate and translate over image.
5. Save and Share – Save the image as Jpeg file and share it with your friends and family to enjoy instant snap moments.

Download, install and enjoy clicking snap photos…!

Draw Paint and Doodle

Draw Paint and Doodle is an amazing fun application to paint, draw, sketch, and to make customized wallpapers. This is one of the most addictive apps you can have on your Windows PC or phone.

Draw Paint and Doodle

Paint with your fingers with approximately 44,000 choices of colors and that too without getting your fingers messy. Create your own piece of painting along with stickers and texts. Add signature on your photo by sketching or by adding text with an option of all inbuilt font formats. Lively stickers are available to stamp it on the image and make it more attractive.

Marvelous Features:-
1. Use brush to paint and draw with your fingers/mouse over the photo.
2. Add Stickers in different sizes and stamp on the specified position wherever you tap.
3. Give a meaning to your photo by adding text with an option of several font formats, sizes and colors.
4. Erase option to erase unwanted part of drawings, stickers and text over the photo.
5. Clear all option to clear the drawings and rundown from the photo.
6. Save option to save your painted photo as an image in your PC’s/phone’s ‘Pictures’ folder.
7. Share your picture with friends and family.

Draw Paint and Doodle is a sparkling app for all Windows users irrespective of age…Enjoy Doodling!

Music Video Maker : MiniMovie

Music Video Maker : MiniMovie

Music Video Editor is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows and stories with your photos. Create your own video stories now!

With Video Maker, you can:
– Shoot, save and share short videos.
– Discover exciting new music and artists.
– Easily add stickers, Text or even Frames.
– Edit your movie with creative effects transitions such as Translation, Push, Circle In, Circle Out and more!
-You can also set add photos.
– Save videos so only you can see them.
– Set the time of the stickers and text.
– Instantly share these videos on any social networking platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Download and enjoy!

Typography-Better Fonts Forever

Typography – Better Fonts Forever is a creative Photo Editor to make your photos in art.

Typography-Better Fonts Forever

Many words mix up and make your typography photo.You can also add your words.

“Add word” & “Add Font” permanently stored on your app for further use.

– Thousand of different word mix up and make your perfect photo easily.
– Effects : made your photo attractive with unique style.
– Add stylish quotes to elegant photos. Make beautiful graphics for social network.
– OverLay Effects – Multiple overlays you can add to your images and make your images more memorable.
– Easily change the opacity levels.
– Create photos with love quotes and life quotes for inspiration.
– Make beautiful graphics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
– Never be at a loss for words – includes hundreds of captions to inspire you
– Caption your photos
– Create announcements and flyers
– Give your words a designer look!

Easy to save and share on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more.

Emoji Maker

Emoji Camera lets you create Emoji’s using your camera. Emoji Camera lets you create funny emoji’s, angry emoji’s, crying emoji’s and more.

Emoji Maker

Emoji Camera is the only app that lets you create Emoji’s using emoji shapes. Emoji Maker lets you create your own pack of Emoji’s.

Ultimate smiley emoji camera sticker image maker app for free! Create great funny emoji face and smilies photos and you can share instantly to other app or save to your photo gallery or library for offline view.

This emoticon creator app is so easy to create and use yet it’s also free and full of fun.

Choose the types emoticon symbols (smily faces, nature, objects, places, symbols)
Its absolutely free! Enjoy!

Photo Frames Infinity

Photo Frames Infinity

Photo Frames Infinity is a collection of unique photo frames in categories like:
– Magazine
– Post Card
– Classic
– Featured
– Creative
– Minimal

And all the frames are coming from cloud so that you do not worry about storage anymore. We will be adding frames on a regularly basis at the backend, so that you can see new frames every time, without even updating the app as the frames are stored in cloud storage. Please look for more categories in near future like Retro, Billboard, Birthday, Memorable Frames and more.

This app is built on UWP (Universal Windows Platform) that is for both Windows PC and Windows mobile.

Select the best frame that you like, add a picture or a selfie to it from the gallery and be a star.

Add text to your favorite frames and make your memories more memorable. Even you can add stickers and make images funny. We have also provided filters so that if you want to apply a classic or a retro filters to your frames/images, please feel free to do so.

For any queries, suggestions or comments, please email us.

Photo & Shapes Collage Maker

Create stunning and unique images by Shape Collage and Frame Collage. This app is the answer to all your Collage needs. With Shape Collage Builder, you can give the best effect to your images and add multiple photos within seconds to make a beautiful shape collage.


Use Shape Collage to make your own beautiful and unique photo collage in any shape that you want.

Photo & Shapes Collage Maker is a powerful foto grid, collage maker and photo editor for you to create stunning collages using candy photos, cute backgrounds and cool background color.

– This app has Classic Collage, Grid Collage and Complex Collage.
– Multiple predefined shapes such as heart, star, circle, animal and more!
– Adjust collage size by pitch rotate and zoom
– Adjust frame size as well
– Change background patterns or any color!
– Great idea for birthday or anniversary gift!
– Free move re size, rotate, zoom in/out
– Share your creations to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!

If you have any suggestion or any problem regarding Photo & Shapes Collage Maker app then contact us. We are listening, so your feedback matters!